Jean-Paul Schmitt

"Stay in this delicate between-two between the form and the emotion that the form generates ..."


Professional painter (Siret 531641439 – Maison des Artistes S 663337), listed artist (Guid'Arts 2018, i-CAC), Jean-Paul Schmitt lives in the Monts du Lyonnais. He has been painting for almost thirthy years after having worked for fifteen years as an actor, writing and staging several plays. He is a member of the Lyons Academy of Painting (ALP), the Regional Association of Arts (ARA) and the Group of Twelve. At the same time with his pictorial creations he edits the texts he writes in rebound on the canvases he paints.

In addition to personal exhibitions, he participates in numerous events in France and abroad and is permanently present in galleries in Lyon. His works have been distinguished several times (Special prize of the Rhône County Council in 2014 - Boesner prize in 2014 - International Art Award of Beijing in 2016 - gold medal of the jury and grand prize of the salon de Rive de Gier in 2017  - Special prize of the Jury of the Winter Show of Lyon 2018 –  - Great Trophy of the Arts Artists of Honor of the Year 2018 from the Editions of Museums and Culture - 2019 Silver Medal of the French Association of Arts, Sciences and Letters ...).

"Jean-Paul Schmitt dominates the landscapes of the countryside around Saint-Martin-en-Haut, as he did for his melancholy granaries and bucolic interiors. He dares the format, the color, the high pasta to set his subject to a summit, where he wants our attention to be focused. Now he express his art now in a series about coffee interiors that would not have been repudiated by New Yorkers familiar with the Café Society. Jean-Paul Schmitt dominates the oppositions of colors, and from his shapes are born the tranquility of his home, the peace of an interior, a pond sublimated by the snow. The painting reigns. She is powerful. She will be make us happy for a long time ... "Alain VOLLERIN art critic

"It is the evolution of contemporary art, but also new expressive approaches to the figurative, which are honored internationally through the works of Jean-Paul Schmitt. [...] With the work of Jean-Paul Schmitt, dominates all the originality and the technicality of the know how to paint. [...] Peking has appreciated in Jean-Paul Schmitt's style an excellent contemporary figurative expression of international level."  Antoine ANTOLINI Edition des Musées et de la Culture (EDMC)


Le Caravage, Hopper, Truphémus


2000-2013 Peintre auprès de Marc de Michelis (Prix de Rome de gravure) Lyon, France
1974-1988 Comédien Lyon-Paris, France
1972-1973 Ingénieur IFP Paris, France
1961-1964 CAP électricien Strasbourg, France
Jean-Paul Schmitt

The artist at work

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